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Rodney Green


With over a decade of experience helping people buy and sell their homes, Rodney Green knows that it’s not just successful outcomes that matter, but also how you get to them. The fact is, in today’s technology-crazed world, customer service is becoming something of a lost art. That’s why Rodney puts so much emphasis on creating a gratifying customer experience for his clients. He is accessible, personable, and thanks to more than 10 years of real estate experience, including owning his own firm, highly  knowledgeable. He is willing to do whatever is required in order to represent the best interests of his clients, whether it’s “talking the talk” with sub-contractors, negotiating a sales price, or simply returning calls promptly. Having an advocate like Rodney in your corner is what every home buyer or seller wants, but in this day and age, can’t always count on. Lucky for you, Rodney is just a phone call away.

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